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Thomas Gronowski

Thomas Gronowski

Palm Springs, CA


My work is either geometric or abstract expressionist. I find it difficult to define because I really don't like the labels. I always assume that the viewer will make the right choice. But for our purposes here, I think I comfortably fit into one of these two categories.

My own preference in art falls into that mid-century 1940's to 1970's post modern era. I like the work of Rauschenberg, Pollock, Warhol, Ruscha and Kienholz. I appreciate that entire group of artists who started the whole west coast movement in Los Angeles when most people only thought fine art in museums was worth looking at.

I'm also moved by the art of Keith Haring who came later and died too soon.

I've been working hard to evolve from a tight, very structured composition with strong line to a more relaxed and organic style. I love color, I live with color, I wear color and most importantly, I like to paint with bright bold color. I try for the most part to use only the primary colors, plus titanium white and black. I prefer to make my own secondary and tertiary colors as much as possible.

My objective is to get you, the viewer to relax and accept more color into your life and into your home. Color makes you happy; it excites the senses and stimulates you.


Asia Sun by Thomas Gronowski


The Fall of Rome by Thomas Gronowski


Fall of Rome II by Thomas Gronowski


Bubbles2 by Thomas Gronowski


Kimono by Thomas Gronowski


Riptide by Thomas Gronowski


Distance by Thomas Gronowski


Potted Blooms - Lavendar by Thomas Gronowski


Potted Blooms - Orange by Thomas Gronowski


Potted Blooms - Blue by Thomas Gronowski


Mid Century Conflict by Thomas Gronowski


Mid Century Compromise by Thomas Gronowski


Mid Century Resolution by Thomas Gronowski